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Tequila Sunset Cruise

Best Sunset Cruise In Myrtle Beach, 

Sunset Cruise 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Finishing up the Evening with our Tequila Sunset Cruise. Check-in and bar opens at 5:45pm so come aboard early, grab a seat and enjoy a drink after your dinner. Prepare for an amazing  sunset cruise featuring our Tequila Sunset frozen drink. Experience the Sunset over Murrells Inlet like you have never seen it before.  Our Sunset cruise offers a unique setting on the one of a kind double deck ultimate party boat "Happy Hour" that boasts the most majestic sunsets from any seat in our custom built floating bar.  Join us for the Ultimate Sunset Cruise in all of Myrtle Beach, let our crew serve you one of our signature frozen drinks like the Tequila Sunset. Our sunset cruise was designed to let our passengers experience a unmatched view of the palmetto sunset with drinks, music and fun on the happy hour sunset cruise. Book Your Sunset Cruise Now

Sunset Cruise


Tequila Sunset cruise